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Some of the trailers I’ve downloaded from look phenomenal.

Wonder if there’ll ever be a day we’ll be able to buy/stream ProRes version of movies?

Giving Hamilton another watch this afternoon


I would say its laughable this match is meant to be behind closed doors!

Is there a macOS app for Mastodon that keeps track of where you are in your timeline, like how Tweetbot does for Twitter?

Oooh v3.5.2 of Mastodon has long migration steps for the database, can I be bothered updating my instance today?

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is an entirely forgettable film.

A fridge cold beer in the sun, is there anything better 😇

Finally got this instance back up!

Was an issue with `icu` being updated.

Up to v3.5.1, I really need to follow the step in the guide that says take database backups before upgrading 🫠

I really do wish Homebrew would stop wanting to re-install php 😠

Absolutely loving the latest Madeon DJ set released on Apple Music (don’t think it’s available on Spotify)

Took Pepper to the local beer garden yesterday, I think she liked it

When does the new Feeder album come out? Can’t wait

Trying out Mastonaut for macOS, seems lovely so far

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